PLEK Machine Process at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis

What is a PLEK and do I need one?

A PLEK machine isn't an automatic device where you can leave your guitar for a couple of hours and wait while it is serviced to your satisfaction. It's more like an incredible set of eyes and hands that can see and help make adjustments with a preciseness that is simply not possible with human eyes and hands. The process is made possible by talented and seasoned luthiers who know how to operate the machine and more importantly, know how to work with specific instruments.
March 15, 2022 — Webteam Member
Grouchy Guitar or Grouchy Hands?

Grouchy Guitar or Grouchy Hands?

By Lila Karash, Local Musician and Teacher at Twin Town Guitars

Since spring is almost here, it's time to check in with your guitar and see how it's feeling. Does it have any dead or buzzy frets? Are the strings so high off of the neck that it's difficult to play?

PLEK Machine at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

What in the PLEK?

By Jeb Silburn, Twin Town Guitars Staff Writer

The PLEK is like a magic salon for your instrument. It’s capable of fret dressing, nut slotting/shaping, fingerboard work, and bridge slotting. If there was such a thing as Guitar-Narnia, this would be the wardrobe.