PLEK Machine at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

By Jeb Silburn, Twin Town Guitars Staff Writer

Just the same as we need our flu shots, pedicures, and haircuts, our guitars need a little pruning and maintenance every once in a while too. It could be as simple as a restring, or a setup, or something a little further into the deep end like a fret dress. Whatever it may be, a little self-care for your instrument will go an incredibly long way for its longevity and playability. The fretboard of a guitar is a complicated scene, and it’s where all the action happens. Keeping the frets in shape, the fingerboard level, the nut properly adjusted- it’s no simple task. Luckily, a strapping group of German engineers created a one stop shop for sprucing up your axe. They call it the PLEK, and we are in love with ours.

The PLEK is like a magic salon for your instrument. It’s capable of fret dressing, nut slotting/shaping, fingerboard work, and bridge slotting. If there was such a thing as Guitar-Narnia, this would be the wardrobe. Built like some sort of alien-tech refrigerator, your guitar is placed into the door and then is swung into the machine. On appearances alone, you’d anticipate it to come out frozen in a block of carbonite. In reality, it’s about to undergo an immersive process of scanning and analyzing the physique of your guitar in incredible detail. After it’s made this analysis, the PLEK system will create a plan for the most pinpoint accurate setup your instrument has ever had.

Putting your instrument through the PLEK machine is a fantastic way to bring it back to life. Worn frets, necks that just won’t stay properly setup, and poor playability can all be solved with ease. A regular setup is still plenty worth its while, but you can be certain that after PLEKing, your instrument is going to sing! For a new instrument with little mileage, the PLEK ensures a high quality baseline for how your guitar ought to play, and then it can be easily restored with this incredible maintenance machine. Give us a call at 612-822-3334 with any questions about the magical PLEK machine or to set up a PLEK appointment for your instrument.

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