The experienced and educated teaching staff at Twin Town Guitars believes that anyone can be a musician. Twin Town music teachers carefully focus on student strengths, while taking in to account each individual’s musical goals and tastes. Patience, practice, and plain old fun are the keys to making our students both successful and happy musicians. Find out more about the talented and vibrant Twin Town Guitars teaching staff by browsing through their background information below.

Start guitar lessons, bass lessons, piano lessons or ukulele lessons with Nick Baker, Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Nick Baker



Nick is a multi-instrumentalist who performs in several groups that have been featured on the Current, Cities 97, and City Pages. Nick studied jazz improvisation as a Cassler Music Scholar at St. Olaf College, and holds a Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota. Nick has been giving music lessons since age 15 and enjoys working with students of all ages.

Nick loves to take song suggestions from students and strikes a warm balance of solid expectations and fun, student-driven choices. Nick meets students’ goals by integrating repertoire, technique, and music theory. Students have the option to explore music theory in a practical, fun way by taking a closer look at their favorite songs.

For intermediate and advanced students, Nick specializes in jazz theory and improvisation. Students learn how to craft new melodies over different chord progressions, access their creative potential in the moment, interpret the function of various chords, or even compose their own works. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis is pleased to offer guitar, bass, piano and ukulele lessons with Andrew Brassard.

Andrew Brassard



Andrew Brassard is a musician, producer, and composer based out of the Twin Cities. He attended Cape Fear Community College from 2011 to 2013, where he studied classical guitar and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts of Music. Awarded the Premier Scholarship at McNally Smith College of Music, he relocated to St. Paul, Minnesota in the fall of 2013 to study music production and instrumental composition.  After  graduating cum laude with his Bachelor Degree in Music Production, he has remained in St. Paul and is presently active teaching music lessons, gigging, writing music for bands, composing for various forms of media, and freelancing as an audio engineer.

Andrew has over 5 years of full time teaching experience for electric, acoustic, and classical guitar, bass, ukulele and piano. He has taught and inspired hundreds of students of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels, and he specializes in rock, metal, pop, classical, and other genres. He accommodates a wide range of aspiring players and musicians, instructing them in the knowledge of music fundamentals, theory, productive practice, technique, and performance. He has transformed many young beginners who have never touched an instrument into accomplished and confident players, performing recitals on stage for friends and family. Andrew tailors his lessons first and foremost to the students desires and helps them learn how to play the songs and music they love. Offering In-Studio and Online lessons.

Kate Saoirse Brock is a guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, mandolin, and banjo teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Kate Saoirse Brock



Kate Saoirse is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and teacher from Saint Paul, now based in Minneapolis. She has been teaching and performing for over 10 years, including organizing, leading, and performing in youth music programs in addition to individual lessons. Her musical background is eclectic, from early exposure to music in church, starting to play and make up songs on her dad's piano at the age of 8, taking piano lessons for a few years, playing percussion in the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies for several seasons, attending the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists, and then pivoting after highschool to make guitar her primary instrument and studying intensively with Craig Anderson. Since 2017, Kate has toured North America and Europe extensively with a number of Midwest-based artists including Lissie, Yellow Ostrich, Huhroon, and Early Eyes. She has written, recorded, and performed with several other artists including her bands Trash Date and minigolf, as well as J.S. Ondara, Freaque, and Papa Mbye among others. Kate is passionate about sharing her knowledge and the joy music has brought her with her students, providing an empowering, goal oriented, and fun education.  Offering In-Studio and Online Lessons.

Satchel Bruna is a Drum, Guitar, Pedal Steel, and Piano teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Satchel Bruna



Satchel Bruna is a multi-instrumentalist with 17 years of experience playing in bands. Having started with piano in elementary school, he picked up drums at age 10 leading him to jazz band, pep band, and drumline in high school. Since 2006, he has been drumming in bands, trying his best to land between John Bonham, Tony Allen and Bill Kreutzmann. Guitar came along as a teenager (with a short-lived folkie tenure) and he has quickly become proficient (and obsessed!) with the pedal steel since 2020. Satchel has been juggling these instruments in the local Minneapolis music scene for almost 5 years, coming away from it with a lot of patience for hauling gear. As a former public school educator, Satchel is absolutely thrilled to be combining that experience with his passion for music. Along with putting the student's interest first, he incorporates both formal training and scrappy know-how into each lesson. Satchel hopes that students leave each session not only with the best tools to become their own independent learners, but also with the excitement to practice for next time. Offering In-Studio Lessons.

Taylor James Donskey is a Ukulele, Bass, Guitar and Piano Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Taylor James Donskey



A longtime Midwestern musician, Taylor enjoys exploring the many avenues that music provides. He has spent much of his life splitting time between instruments with four strings, ukuleles and basses (both electric and upright), but always takes a moment to pick up an acoustic guitar or sit at the piano. Taylor understands the drive that pushes aspiring musicians to become performers out in the community, as well as the joy of playing along with family and friends. Every instrument sings, and Taylor uses each one to trace a path that supports students' musical goals and inspires them to steady progress. He is a local songwriter, performer and show host.  He has played both in the studio and onstage with numerous Midwestern groups like Lena Elizabeth & The Lowland Lakers.  Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Start drum lessons with Terah Gilbertson, Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Terah Gilbertson



Terah's musical journey began once she discovered her passion for drums at the age of ten. She was trained in classical percussion and drums in Berlin, Germany, and then received her Bachelor of Music degree in the U.S. During high school and university, Terah played percussion for concert bands and orchestras, including a European honor band concert in Vienna, Austria. She played drums for musicals, jazz ensembles, basketball pep bands, various rock, dance and church bands, studio recording gigs and touring bands. Later, she focused solely on drum set, her favorite style being anthem-rock and anything groove. She has been teaching private drum lessons since 2004. An eventual move to California provided Terah the opportunity to play rock gigs around Los Angeles, and to perform as a drummer at Disneyland for five years. During her time with Disney, she was chosen to be the lead drummer for a Screen Actors Guild national commercial and a major company convention. She helped teach drum parts to new hires, and here's a fun tidbit: she got to teach Mickey Mouse as well! 

Terah can teach you to read notation and follow charts, or to simply listen to songs and decipher the beats together. Her philosophy is to let the student choose since we all learn best in different ways. She believes you are never too old to start something new! Music has been such a fulfilling part of her life that she truly enjoys helping others achieve steps toward their own musical goals and dreams. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Start vocal lessons, piano lessons, ukulele lessons, or songwriting lessons with Ashley Groves, Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Ashley Groves



After studying voice for 10 years and graduating with a degree as a Recording Artist, Ashley discovered a love for teaching music! As a person who digs spending time with people and music, it could not be more ideal. She's now been teaching music lessons for four years and is always excited to meet new students. With training and experience in Classical, Broadway, Jazz, Soul and Pop, it's easy to start learning to sing and play in a healthy way. If you want to find Ashley outside the studio, you can catch her at one of her band's shows in the Twin Cities. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Start guitar lessons, bass lessons, piano lessons, ukulele lessons, drum lessons, or vocal lessons with Kat Hansberry, Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Kat Hansberry

She/Her & They/Them


Hi, I'm Katherine, but you can call me Kat. I've been studying piano since I was four years-old, and I picked up guitar, ukulele and percussion through junior high and high school. I went on to study percussion performance at the University of Wisconsin Superior, where I also began exploring voice and bass guitar. Sometimes I rap. I have been teaching privately since 2012, and I love it more than anything. Lessons generally include a combination of theory, ear training, technique, fundamentals, composition and terrible puns. I put passion above all else, and my primary goal is to discover what we can do together to encourage a life long love affair with music. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Start guitar lessons, banjo lessons, harmonica lessons, or bass lessons with Chris Holm, Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Chris Holm



I've been a playing and performing music for 20 years. I began on acoustic guitar, electric lead and rhythm, and then moved on to harmonica and banjo. I have been teaching lessons for these instruments for the last five years. On guitar, I teach standard tuning rock & blues styles but specialize in open tuning fingerstyle  folk and blues, including slide. On harmonica, I mainly play country blues lip-pursed style, but also get into Chicago blues tongue-blocking techniques. On bass, I focus on rock, blues, and classic country styles. And, on banjo, I play three-finger bluegrass style. I prefer to tailor my lessons ti the student rather than have a set curriculum. I teach what the student wants to learn, at the pace they are comfortable with, and with equal focus on techniques, theory and application. I currently play in Minneapolis bands Heatwave & Landman and The Fattenin' Frogs. I also perform solo acoustic blues and folk on guitar and harmonica. My true love is American roots music, whether playing it or teaching it. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Start trumpet lessons, trombone lessons, French horn lessons, or baritone lessons with Sten Johnson, Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Sten Johnson



Sten Johnson has been teaching trumpet, trombone and French horn to beginning and advanced students since 2006, and he believes that anyone can learn to play! He is a dedicated teacher whose aim is for his students to enjoy their instrument while reaching their playing goals. He has toured nationally and internationally with New Sound Underground, Youngblood Brass Band and others, and maintains a busy schedule while at home in Minneapolis. Sten earned a B.M. in Trumpet Performance from McNally Smith College of Music and is a locally grown product of St. Paul's Como Park neighborhood. Offering Online Lessons.

Ben Johnston, Drum Teacher, at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Ben Johnston



As an instructor I strive to cater each lesson to the particular needs and goals of every individual student. My approach is to act as a guide to help my students to navigate the paths THEY choose. My goal is to help get each student moving forward in their quest to find their own unique voice on the instrument and to achieve their own personal goals. I honestly never get tired of teaching and playing drums. It's endlessly fascinating and fun. Not all students learn in the same way so, I'm constantly thinking about different ways to explain concepts so that each individual student can understand. In turn this deepens my own understanding and reinforces fundamental concepts from the inside out. 

I have been an active teacher since 2002 and have since had students of all ages, abilities and from all sides of the world of percussion. In that time I have developed and written my own drum set teaching method that is now a published two book series called Focused Coordination. I am also a contributing columnist to DRUMHEAD magazine where I have a reoccurring educational column for drum set players. I have an AAS degree in percussion performance and also have experience teaching hand percussion, orchestral band, marching band, drum corps and mallet percussion. I’m also an active player and recording artist and have been immortalized on tape, vinyl and in ones and zeros on numerous occasions. I’m proud of my discography. I love to play live and to play in the studio as well. I also have a fascination for the capturing and mixing of sound. I have an additional AAS degree in studio engineering. Offering In-Studio and Online lessons.

Lila Karash



Lila enjoys guiding students on a journey of lifelong musical learning. She studied guitar at Musicians Institute and has performed and recorded with bands of various styles over the years. Her experience ranges from rock to indie pop and folk, with a smattering of classical. More recently, she has morphed into a singer/songwriter with a love of fingerstyle guitar. Having taught guitar for over 10 years, Lila has experience with students of a variety of ages and backgrounds. She understands what it’s like to be a beginner, and she approaches teaching with patience and compassion. She encourages feedback from her students about how they want to learn, tailoring lessons according to their learning style, goals, and musical taste. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Pat Keen is a bass, guitar, ukulele, piano, drum and songwriting teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Pat Keen



Pat Keen educates, performs, records, composes and arranges in indie, rock, country, folk, and jazz settings. Having earned his bachelor’s degree in jazz performance from the New England Conservatory in Boston, Pat has studied with artists spanning a diverse spectrum such as Dave Holland, Cecil McBee, Joe Morris, Richard Davis, John McNeil, Don Palma, John Lockwood, Dominque Eade and Chris Weisman. An avid meditator and effective communicator, Pat connects to his students at whatever level they desire to be at, making it fun all the while. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Peter Korhonen is a drum, guitar, bass and ukulele teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Peter Korhonen



Peter is a professional musician, born and raised in the Twin Cities, with over a decade of experience performing. You might see him around town drumming with his current bands, Eudaemon (Black Metal) and Surly Grrly (Queercore/Punk). Other groups he plays with include Ice Climber and Inhvmanity, which are both improv-based projects.  

Peter started playing drums at the age of nine and picked up the guitar shortly after. He has been playing in bands for the last 13 years and has experience gigging across multiple genres including but not limited to: Metal, Rock, Funk, Pop, and Hip Hop. In recent years he has taught in Minneapolis public schools, where he fell in love with encouraging students to explore their passions and curiosities. He is enthusiastic about teaching, and always prioritizes the student’s personal goals as a musician. Lessons incorporate music theory, technique, composition, and improvisational skills. In his free time Peter enjoys biking, spending time outdoors, and taking care of his zoo of animals at home. Offering Online and In-Studio lessons.

Andrea Leonard

She/Her & They/Them


Andrea Leonard is a Twin Cities-based singer, songwriter, performer, and multi-instrumentalist. They graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2018, where they studied Music and Theater with an emphasis in singing and acting. Throughout their years at UMD, they studied various styles of singing including classical, musical theater, choral, jazz style, and performance skills like acting, movement, and improvisation technique for the stage. In her junior year, she placed first at the 2016 Minnesota NATS competition in the Music Theater Women Division.

Andrea has sung and/or played violin for various projects including her band, Delicate Friend, as well as Emily Haavik, Symbioscia, Twin Cities Songwriter Rounds, Lyric Opera of the North, and Duluth Playhouse. As a teacher, Andrea caters lessons to each student, focusing on the genres they are excited about and teaching the technique required for each style. An avid believer in evidence-based voice teaching, she also believes it’s important for singing students to learn basic vocal anatomy. (Just like it’s important to know about the set-up of your guitar, violin, piano, etc) Most of all, they believe in fun, trying new things, and encouragement in their lessons! Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Jaspar Lepak is a vocal, piano, guitar and songwriting teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Jaspar Lepak



Jaspar Lepak is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been writing and performing her own songs for almost twenty years. Classically trained in piano from age six through college, Jaspar started writing songs when she picked up her first guitar and found her favorite way to communicate: through music! A writer at heart with a deep belief in the power of every voice, she understands how music connects us to our most authentic selves and challenges us to grow in ways that build confidence, compassion, and joy. Jaspar has released nine studio albums in the folk/Americana genre and performs regionally and nationally. Her 2021 album Desert Ghosts reached #15 on the folk charts, and her songs have been featured on 89.3FM The Current and the syndicated public radio show Democracy Now. If you are looking for a vocal coach who will help you build confidence in your voice and sing in a style that is authentically you, Jaspar would love to work with you! Jaspar also teaches beginning piano, songwriting, and how to accompany yourself on guitar. Let’s sing and play together! Lessons are crafted to meet you where you are and support you in the ways you want to grow. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Megan Mahoney, Bass and Songwriting Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Megan Mahoney



Megan Mahoney is a teacher, bassist, and songwriter from Minneapolis. They have been teaching since 2013, empowering students with creative-led instruction that will generate a life-long passion for their instrument. After graduating from McNally Smith College of Music with a B.M. in Bass Performance in 2017, Megan has toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe. On the road or at home, Megan is performing with bands like Lissie, Early Eyes, Yellow Ostrich and more! They are driven to share their excitement of music with their students, providing an education that is both goal oriented and fun. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons. 

Start guitar lessons, piano lessons, ukulele lessons, or vocal lessons with Dave Mehling, Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Dave Mehling



I've been studying piano since I was eight years old. In my teens I began singing and performing, with an emphasis on modern pop (The Beatles), jazz (Nina Simone, Bill Evans) and modern music (Phillip Glass). I've studied with Ryan Frane at the University of MN - Duluth as well as  performing in their Jazz Ensemble. I play in local bands The Fontanelles and Portage, and have accompanied dozens of vocalists and musicians over the last decade. I love music and am truly dedicated to helping students of every age find a way to play the music they want to play. Every lesson includes fundamentals, theory, improvisation and listening to music. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Start cello lessons, guitar lessons, mandolin lessons, ukulele lessons, piano lessons, or vocal lessons with Julia Peterson, Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Julia Peterson



Julia Peterson is a Twin Cities-based musician and Minneapolis native. She has been playing the cello for 20+ years and has formal classical training on the instrument. She received a B.A. in Music from Dartmouth College and spent her summers at classical music festivals across the U.S., including places like Eastern Music Festival and Aspen Music Festival. She is now a multi-genre player, playing with local jazz ensembles, Old Time groups, and local singer-songwriters, such as Ginger Bones, Mary Bue and Carlisle Evans Peck. Julia is a songwriter in her own right, composing and playing on several instruments, and has started various groups and projects since she moved home to Minneapolis in January 2017.  She is a youth mentor with Free Arts MN and wants to establish songwriting workshops at local homeless shelters. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Savannah Rachel Cello and Piano teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Savannah Rachel

She/Her & They/Them


Savannah recently moved to Uptown after living in Winona, MN for six years. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Music at Winona State University in 2021, then decided to live there post-grad as a Montessori preschool assistant teacher. Throughout her time in Winona, you could catch her being first chair cellist in the WSU Orchestra, improvising on the piano or cello in the backyard with her friends, rehearsing with her string quartet, or introducing the magic of music to her Montessori preschool students. Currently, Savannah is a cellist in the Linden Hills Chamber Orchestra, and cannot wait to see what other magical music moments arise in this new adventure.

Savannah specializes in piano and cello performance, and has extensive experience in college courses and/or private lessons for both instruments. She finds it important to balance technique and theory, while also incorporating musical pieces that students are familiar with and excited about! She believes there’s something truly special about the connections made from music. Sometimes we connect to music through different emotions / memories that surface throughout musical pieces, and other times we connect to music from the human interactions we experience along the way. Her goal is to help her students connect to music in a way that is unique and special to them! Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Start guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, or bass lessons with Will Scott, Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Will Scott



Hello, my name is Will Scott. I am a guitarist, composer and music educator from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College, where I studied music theory, composition and performance. I have been an active musician for over a decade, and I am well versed in a variety of different styles including: rock, pop, blues, jazz, metal, folk, and fingerstyle picking. 

As a performing musician, I have played guitar in rock bands, big bands, jazz combos and choral ensembles. I have performed at many venues around the midwest, including First Avenue's Mainroom in Minneapolis.

I teach private guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis. Working with students of all ages and ability levels, I adapt my lessons to complement each student's unique interests and talents. I help my students develop strong foundational skills while maintaining a fun and supportive learning environment. It is my mission to provide knowledgeable instruction and customized lesson plans to help each student reach their musical goals. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Kenan Serenbetz offers saxophone, clarinet, piano and vocal lessons at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Kenan Serenbetz



Kenan is a musician, composer, and educator raised in Gurnee, IL. He holds a Bachelor's Degree with a focus in Music Composition from Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has studied a variety of music from Gregorian chant to jazz saxophone to Okinawan sanshin. As a saxophonist and jazz musician, he has studied under renowned teachers Dick Oatts, Terrell Stafford, and Shannon LeClaire. He performs and records regularly as a leader and collaborator.

As an educator, Kenan draws on his breadth of experience to nurture his students’ individual interests. He teaches a range of subjects, including music literacy, composition/songwriting, improvisation, technique, and simply learning to play beloved songs. He works to provide students of all ages with the tools, knowledge, and support to achieve their goals.

When not engaged in music, Kenan spends much of his time visiting natural areas to botanize, wildcraft, and learn from his surroundings and non-human neighbors. His studies in natural health and ecology inform his teaching, supporting a holistic pedagogy that helps students lead physically and emotionally sustainable musical lives.

Kenan looks forward to getting to know each of his students and is grateful to be a part of their musical journey. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Start guitar lessons, bass lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, or vocal lessons with Ryan Smith, Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Ryan Smith



Ryan Smith has been professionally teaching, performing, recording, and writing music for over 15 years.  He holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from Bethel University, where he studied classical guitar with Dr. David Crittenden.  Ryan is well-versed in many styles including rock, alternative, indie, classical, blues, and jazz.  He has been nominated for "Best Guitarist" in the Minnesota Music Awards two years in a row and his experience with the music business, touring, and recording allows him to give progressive lessons for all ages and abilities.  Since 2001, Mr. Smith has been the singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist for The Melismatics, who have been featured on MTV, MTVU, VH1, NBC, Animal Planet, and ESPN, among others.  They have also toured internationally playing such festivals as Lollapalooza, SXSW and Summerfest.  In addition to his guitar, bass, and drum teaching, Ryan has worked with many students interested in songwriting and studio recording. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Start guitar lessons or ukulele lessons with Danny Tolchiner, Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Danny Tolchiner



I first started playing guitar as a freshman in high school. I quickly became enthralled with the instrument. Playing, listening, and discussing music are all passions of mine. I love every genre from blues to rock, and from bluegrass to jazz. I currently play in a band that touches on many of these genres which strengthens my ability to teach almost any style. I make every effort to cater lessons to individual student interests for a more personalized lesson. Offering Online and In-Studio Lessons.

Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis is pleased to offer guitar, bass, ukulele, and drum lessons with Alec Tonjes!

Alec Tonjes



Alec Tonjes has been playing music for over 15 years and has been a full time music teacher and youth ensemble director for the last 7 years. Alec attended Mainstreet School of Performing Arts in Hopkins and Perpich Arts High School in Golden Valley. He went on to study at McNally Smith College of Music where he received the Marv Dalghren Scholarship. Alec also has experience gigging with a variety of different Twin Cities bands in all different genres including: Rock, Jazz, Metal, Neo Soul, Funk, Pop, Country, Latin, Blues, and Hip Hop.

Alec structures his lessons around student's personal goals and interests. He finds that students make the most progress when they are excited about what they are learning. Since every student is different, lessons include a mix of learning favorite songs, technical exercises, genres, theory, rhythm improvisation, soloing, and song writing. 

When teaching children, Alec strives to find a balance of making lessons fun and playful, while still maintaining growth and a sense of accomplishment. Music reading is a fundamental part of lessons as well. Alec communicates with parents and shares how their child is doing, opportunities for growth, and successes! Alec also has experience teaching students who have disabilities and is able to work lessons around student specific needs. Offering In-Studio and Online lessons.

Willow Waters offers guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, percussion, brass, piano and songwriting lessons at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis.

Willow Waters

They/Them & She/Her


Willow is a gender-fluid neuro-divergent multi-instrumental musician that writes and collaborates with many different groups and projects in Minneapolis. They write, arrange, sing and play guitar / piano for their own project Willow Waters & The Earth Tones. She plays electric guitar with Sister Species and Still Unstill, electric / upright bass with Ginger Bones and Carlisle Evans Peck, sousaphone / percussion with Unlawful Assembly and Brass Solidarity, and they compose and perform music for local plays and musicals. Willow also works as a live sound technician at Moon Palace Books, among other venues. She holds a degree in K-12 Instrumental Music Education from The College of St. Benedict / St. John's University and has nearly 15 years of teaching experience, working with all ages, skill levels and styles of music.

Willow's teaching philosophy is rooted in a student-centric approach that emphasizes deep listening. Students are encouraged to ask questions and advocate for what they are interested in learning. Time can be spent expanding repertoire, building technical prowess, analysing music theory, experimenting with songwriting and composition, practicing improvisation, exploring music history, setting goals and developing a practice routine, and much more. Willow wants her students to find joy and passion in their playing and encourages her students to find a balance in their practice that allows them to grow and improve without losing sight of why we picked up our instruments in the first place. Offering In-Studio and Online lessons.

Arianna Wegley is a Cello and Violin Teacher at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis!

Arianna Wegley



Arianna is a freelance multi-instrumentalist and teacher from Minneapolis. In 2018, she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Music in Cello Performance and a double major in English Literature from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. As a cellist, she has performed orchestral and chamber music throughout the U.S., Mexico, Spain, and England, though she primarily collaborates with fellow artists in the Twin Cities, experimenting with live performance and compositions that use extended string techniques and electronics. She enjoys fussing with classical and pop idioms, and eclectic instrumentation, fascinated by the endless possibilities of textural interplay between string instruments, synthesizers, and voice. Throughout the past several years, she has recorded and performed many projects as a soloist and collaborator. She plays with the Delphia Cello Quartet as a rotating member, as a performing artist for Thursday Musical, and as a session musician. She taught extracurricular strings through Saint Paul Public Schools, assisted with summer strings camps at the MacPhail Center for Music, and has been teaching cello as a private instructor at the City of Lakes Waldorf School since 2016, and as the String Ensemble assistant there since 2022. In fall 2021, she joined Minneapolis-Saint Paul-based sort-of-pop record label, Aura Vortex Records, and released an album from her synth pop/indie rock project  Spaceport in March of 2023. Offering In-Studio and Online lessons.