Please call 612-822-3334, Monday through Friday from Noon to 8pm, Saturday from 10am to 6pm, and Sunday from Noon to 6pm to connect with our drum repair service technicians. 

On-Site Drum Repair Service

Pricing for on-site drum repair is on a case by case basis.

  • Drum re-heading (resonant/batter or both)
  • Kick drum re-heading (resonant/batter or both)
  • Snare throw/adjustment
  • Cymbal Polishing

Off-Site Drum Repair Service 

Twin Cities Drum Rescue was founded in 2015, by Matthew Marshall, with a simple mission in mind: to breathe new life back into old drums. With decades of experience, he partnered his drum repair services with Twin Town Guitars to help drummers keep their instruments looking and sounding amazing.

Recovering/Rewrapping $45-$200

  • Applying the wrap to the shell
  • Blending the wrap into the bearing edges
  • Drilling wrap for hardware and mounting holes 
  • Re-installing badge and/or vent grommet

Need help customizing your drum? We can assist you in choosing a wrap or finish that you'll love! Prices vary depending on the shell size, wrap material, etc. Price is for labor cost and doesn't include cost of wrap, veneer, etc. Additional charges may apply if old finish/wrap needs to be removed.

Bearing Edge Recutting $18-$125 Per Pair

  • Standard 45 degree with 1/16" counter cut
  • Dual (centered) 45 degree
  • 45 degree with roundover
  • Extreme roundover

We can also accommodate most other bearing edge requests, including vintage and hybrid edges. Prices vary depending on the shell diameter. 

Snare Bed Recutting $50 Per Drum

We recommend having snare beds recut if bearing edges are being recut on a snare drum. Price applies to most wood and acrylic shells. 

Hole Drilling

We offer custom drilling for hardware, including:

  • Snare strainer and butt plate $25 per set
  • Lugs $3-$6 per lug 
  • Offset Lugs Add $10 per drum
  • Tom or bass drum mounts $15-$60
  • Floor tom leg brackets $40 per set of three
  • Bass drum spurs $40-$60

Add 20% to drilling charge for acrylic shells.

Basic Snare Tune Up $60

  • Rims and heads removed from shell
  • Clean and buff shell
  • Clean and polish hardware and rims
  • Adjust snare assembly
  • Change and/or tune heads (does not include price of heads.) 

Deluxe Snare Tune Up $80

  • Rims, heads, lugs and snare assembly removed from shell
  • Clean and buff shell
  • Clean and polish hardware and rims
  • Lubricate tension rods
  • Replace snare cords/straps
  • Adjust snare assembly
  • Sand and wax bearing edges (optional) 
  • Change and/or tune heads (does not include price of heads)

Please allow one week to complete tune up.

Additional Equipment Repairs

  • Kick pedals
  • Cymbal/snare stands and hardware
  • Marching and concert drums
  • Vintage drums

Drum Repair Service Turn Around Time

Repairs are addressed in the order they arrive unless we are waiting for a part or direction from the customer. Due to these situations, we cannot guarantee turnaround times on drum repair service. However, we will work as quickly as possible to get your gear back to you.