Korg Volca Series Synthesizers Kick and FM

 By Jeb Silburn, Twin Town Guitars Staff Writer

Empowering creatives who may be yet-unacquainted with the world of synths and drum programming, Korg’s Volca series offers a variety of intuitive platforms for first time users to begin their journey. Covering much of the established territory, the line includes a number of analog synths, bass synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines. The Volca series comfortably introduces fledgling users, but still offers plenty of room for growing into the capabilities of the devices. 

The Volca Kick delivers the powerful presence of an analog kick that just cannot be replicated by any sort of plug in or sample. Designed around the powerful richness of the original MS-20 filter, the Volca Kick becomes an incredibly approachable tool for crafting any variety of sounds that can only be made capable through the arcane magic that is analog circuitry. Anything from clear kick drum sounds to raunchy kick basses can be found under the hood of the Volca Kick, and can be effected in real time using the Touch FX feature for immersive live performance. 

Their FM synthesis machine, the Volca FM, paints the classic sounds in a new light. The Volca FM is a three-voice digital FM synthesizer, drawing up iconic tones from early groove machines and samplers, as well as modern dance music favorites. The Volca interface makes it easy for unvetted players to crack open and take control of the sound, even if you’re unfamiliar with the long lineage and complexity of FM Synthesis. 

Each Volca unit can be paired with any number of its kin, and connected using the sync cable for synchronized playback with each unit. The Volca line encourages experimentation without the daunting limitations of cost and learning curve that seem to be so inherent to the vibrant landscape of synthesizers and drum programming. Successfully, Korg has unbound what can feel so gate-keepy and unattainable about approaching new ways to make music, and put creativity back at the forefront of their players' minds.

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