Twin Town Guitars Solar Panel Powered Rock

It all started with a drip in 2011, a little drip from the ceiling in the middle of the store. It wasn’t long before the drip turned into a leak, and we realized a new roof would soon be in order. While looking at options for replacing the roof, our focus was on efficiency, environment and economy. We determined that the best choice would be an Energy Star certified spray-on foam roof from Kohls Foam Systems. This new roofing system is applied directly over the existing roof, so no materials from the old roof find their way to a landfill. We also found the energy efficiency of the spray foam roof saves a great amount of heating and cooling expense for the building and will last up to 40 years. We got so excited about the plans for our energy efficient, environment-friendly roof, that we knew we needed to add solar panels too. Now we had our plans and priorities in order. Unfortunately, these were not the same goals the bank had in mind. Several leaks and banks later, we began to feel uncertain that things would ever come together. Then, one sunny Sunday morning while walking home from the Kingfield Farmer’s Market, we ran into Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) Executive Director, Sarah Linnes-Robinson. She told us about the Solarize Kingfield program. We immediately applied and were accepted into the program. So, in the words of that legendary rock band, "Here comes the sun!"

After a few bumps, twists and turns, we ended up with 100 shiny solar panels on our roof, and we couldn't be happier to say that we are now solarized!

We feel very honored and proud to be part of this community, and we are extremely grateful for the incredible enthusiasm and support we received. Twin Town Guitars would not be the home of Solar Powered Rock if it wasn't for all the amazing folks and organizations who lent a hand. Thanks for helping us make a difference!

Solar Panel Sponsors
Patrick, Georgia & Jamie Cochrane
Lewis Kuhlman
Padgett Business Services
Dylan & Rae Ritchie
Natalie & Brian Sevrens
Arielle Breland & Mark Shaw
Mandy Simmons
Mark & Jenna Wade

Partners in Shine
Jim Hasnik, Minnesota Center for Energy & Environment
Sarah Linnes-Robinson & Sarah Gleason, Kingfield Neighborhood Association Solarize Kingfield
Jon Kramer & Tom Reinke, Sundial Solar
Pat Kohls, John Kohls & Bruce Kleaver, Kohls Foam Systems
Xcel Energy Solar Solutions