Saturday, November 13, 2021 • 1pm
2916 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, 55408 • 612-823-6233
Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your performance time. 
Also note that performance times are approximate.

Performance Line-Up  

1:00pm Griffin Grady

1:05pm Margot Bryan

1:10pm Madeline Gurstel

1:15pm Zach Taschler

1:20pm The Three Cheeses

1:45pm Wicked Ballistics

2:15pm Chemical Cosmetics

2:40pm Juliet Zuccola

2:45pm Red Cups

3:20pm Kelly Stacken

3:25pm Tadas Kosciuska

3:30pm Edan Schwartz

3:35pm Sam Rogers

3:40pm Faraz Choudhry

3:45pm John Morris

3:50pm Mary Strand

3:55pm Debaser

4:10pm Ryan Evans

4:15pm Sher Stiles

4:45pm OMFG

5:30pm Pandemigods

6:15pm Bad Neighbors