Saturday, May 20, 2023 • 1pm
2916 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, 55408 • 612-823-6233
Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your performance time. 
Also note that performance times are approximate.

Performance Lineup   

1:00pm U is for Ukulele

1:15pm Uke Group

1:30pm Minor Gods

1:45pm Ex Convicts

2:15pm Fingerstyle Guitar Group

2:35pm Brady Nieman

2:40pm Collin Ray

2:45pm ​​Evan Duncan 

2:50pm Max Vollmer

3:00pm Mary Strand

3:05pm John Morris

3:10pm Jenna Rosenburg

3:15pm Al Nairn

3:20pm Seth Tenpenny

3:30pm Wicked Ride

4:15pm BLøøD MÜLLÈT

5:00pm New Math

5:45pm We Don't Speak French