Steele and Nan Arundel, Landscape Love Owners

Steele & Nan Arundel, Owners, Landscape Love

Once upon a summer evening in 2005, a curly–haired boy biked up to a girl sitting outside a cafe in downtown Minneapolis. A potent combination of extreme humidity and romantic infatuation had temporarily shut down the boy’s better judgment center and he stopped his bike to tell the girl he thought they needed to know each other. By some minor miracle she agreed... in short order the boy and girl fell fast in love with each other and fast out of love with their indoor desk jobs. Flush with the confidence of love, they tacked up homemade flyers around town, took out a long–term lease on their parents' gardening tools, and Landscape Love was born. Much has changed since that first season; we’ve gotten married, traveled the world, brought the love to hundreds of landscapes, had two sons, and given our parents back their borrowed tools (well, most of them). Our Landscape Love family now features a committed, collaborative team of designers, stone artists, garden gurus, and clever carpenters. Our team has grown but the heart of Landscape Love hasn’t changed — we still believe, as one of our very first clients told us, that “being creative is creating the life you want to live.” We love living this life full of dirt under our fingernails and sunshine on our faces. We are so grateful for the people and families we are fortunate to work with, the outdoor spaces they trust us with creating, and the resulting relationships that continue to blossom and grow!

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